Recent Before & After Photos

Leaking From The Roof

This is a great example of what can happen when a roof leaks.  The missing shingles on this house is what caused the initial loss.  Once these shingle... READ MORE

Water Backup Into Tub

When pipes back up into your home during a storm, this can happen in your bathtub. This is what happened to a Madison County family during a recent ra... READ MORE

Stormy Mess

This family’s Madison, MS, home suffered serious damage after a heavy rain storm that produced significant flooding.  Immediately, they reached out t... READ MORE

Slippery Carpet

When this commercial building was flooded, SERVPRO of Madison County hurried to get on site quickly so the team could get started with water extraction.  T... READ MORE

Madison County Rook Leaks

These pictures show what can happen when a roof leaks. The cause of loss was determined to be missing shingles.  Once these shingles were detached, th... READ MORE

Leaking Doors

When a strong storm came through the state, this commercial building had some leaking issues at the front door.  SERVPRO of Madison County hurried to the s... READ MORE

Grocery Store Water Issue

During the flooding in Mississippi, this grocery store had an issue with water coming inside.  The first line of defense was for SERVPRO of Madison County ... READ MORE

Fire Action

Often times we do not think about the mess that is left over after a fire is extinguished.  These issues include soot, excess water, and charred areas in t... READ MORE

Dining Room Fire

Fire can devastate families and businesses. The walls and ceiling are completely burned in this picture.  This fire was so hot, it created bubbling in... READ MORE

Hallway Water Issues

At times, drywall cannot be saved and it must be removed.  The SERVPRO of Madison County team helps you decide while on site what will need to be done for ... READ MORE