Recent Before & After Photos

Leftover Mold

Be mindful of any refrigerators that you may have unplugged. Refrigerators that have been left off can cause microbial growth. These pictures show what microbia... READ MORE

Microbial Remediation in Madison

Microbial spores prefer to replicate in dark, warm places, typically where moisture has set in. The great state of Mississippi is notorious for having a humid a... READ MORE

Leave the Water Business to Us!

Commercial businesses rely on the buildings they operate to provide a place to conduct business. SERVPRO of Madison County, MS responded to a commercial buildin... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Madison, MS

These images show just how far SERVPRO of Madison County, MS is willing to go to get the job done right. Water can damage walls and floors, but it can also ruin... READ MORE

Deer Camp Disaster

When a water damage occurs, it can cause issue in a home that need immediate attention. The padding underneath may take longer to dry than the carpet itself. I... READ MORE

Apartment Fire Sparked in Kitchen

As you can see in these images, this home had extensive charring and smoke damage from a kitchen fire that started on the stove. There can also be other several... READ MORE

Apartment Fire

House fires are one of the most devastating disasters that can happen to a home. One small ember from a kitchen stove could set a whole room on fire in a matter... READ MORE

Leaking From The Roof

This is a great example of what can happen when a roof leaks. The missing shingles on this house is what caused the initial loss. Once these shingles detached... READ MORE

Water Backup Into Tub

When pipes back up into your home during a storm, this can happen in your bathtub. This is what happened to a Madison County family during a recent rain storm. ... READ MORE

Stormy Mess

This family’s Madison, MS, home suffered serious damage after a heavy rain storm that produced significant flooding. Immediately, they reached out to SER... READ MORE